The Original Podium Steps

Podium Steps

"Podium steps are the safe alternative to builders steps"

Podium steps provide a safe anti-slip platform deck offering a 360 access without the need to move. Complete with fully surrounded guardrail, access to the deck area is through a hinged locking gate.

When erected some will go through a standard doorway and can offer various different platform height adjustments.

9 Podium heights available 0.4m, 0.5m, 0.75m, 1.00m, 1-1.25m, 1.25m, 1.50m, 1.7m and 2.0m platforms.

Above 2.0m specials £POA

0.4m 0.5m 0.75m
1m 1-1.25m 1.25m
1.5 1.75 2m


The Podium Step Range

Podium Step Range

With the new working at height regulations (WAHR) now in force, we offer a range of podium steps to suit most applications where, in the past, folding steps were used. Podium steps are "a safe alternative to builders steps".

MKI - Up to 1.17m platofrm height - 3.2m working height

MKII - Up to 1.5m platform height - 3.5m working height

MKIII - Up to 1.9m platform height - 3.9m working height

The three basic types are shown here, but many variations and specials have been made to suit customers requirements including cantilevers and bridging units. Please contact us if you have any special requirements.


1 Step - 2 Step - 3 Step Hop-Up Podiums

1 Step

  • Easy to carry
  • Captive Platform
  • Locking Guardrail Gate
  • Gives a Reach of 2.4m

1 Step Podium Features

or 2 Step

  • With all Aluminium Decks and Steps
  • Auto Locking Back Frame
  • Captive Work Platform
  • Locking Gate
  • Castors with Foot Lock
  • Captive Step
  • Gives a reach Height of 2.7m

2 Step Features

or 3 Step

Either with anti-slip timber deck and steps or with all aluminium deck steps

3 Step Hop-Up Podium

Features include:

  • Auto Locking Back Frame
  • Gate Folds Inside for Easy Storage
  • Folded Frame
  • Locking Gate Hooks
  • Reach Height 3.0m

3 Step Hop-Up Features


The Podium Family

Podium 400 Podium 500 Podium 750

- 400mm platform height

- 500mm platform height

- 750mm platform height

Podium 1000 Podium 1m - 1.25m Podium 1250m

- 1000mm platform height

- 1250mm platform height

- 1250mm platform height

Podium 1500 Podium 1750 Podium 2000

- 1500mm platform height

- 1750mm platform height

- 2000mm platform height

Colour Coded Podium Steps

If you require special colour coded podium steps for security identification etc. Please call for a quotation.

Colour Coded Podium Steps

Special Podiums

Bring us your ideas to explore, we are the bespoke specialists.

Special Podiums

Static Aluminium Podium Steps Adaptors

Using a special podium base plate adaption kit, it will convert almost any mobile podium in to a static one.

Podium Steps Adaptor

Step by Step Guide

Deltadeck Access Platform

Deltadeck Access Platform

The low level access solution that offers flexibility when working at 3m and below.

The Deltadeck is an innovative access solution as it is ideal for those needing flexibility when working at lower heights.

The Deltadeck is one complete unit, making it easy for one person to operate.

  • Simple to assemble and dismantle
  • No pins, clips or components to lose, damage or forget about when assembling
  • Easy transportation and storage (can even be transported by car)
  • Compact dimensions allow the Deltadeck to be moved from room to room while still assembled

The Deltadeck has 5 different working heights making it an extremely flexible peice of equipment. The application also ensures user safety.

  • Fully guardrailed to ensure user safety at all times, at all heights
  • Maximum working height of 3m
  • Safe working laod of 200Kg
  • Access and egress from either end of the platform


Podium Adjustable Height Access Platform

Podium Adjustable Height Access PlatformThe P1500 counldn't be easier to operate, simply fold the P1500 out, drop the captive platform into your choice of heights, click in the stairs and the unit is ready to use in seconds. All necessary stabilisers are already deployed via the P1500's clever design.

Finally ensure the unit does not move when in operation by kicking on the incumbent brakes provided on all castors.

  • Only two seperate components provides easy and fast assembly
  • Self latched gate for added safety and security whilst working
  • Heavy duty staircase for frequent use
  • Castors are bolted to unit for a firm fixed connection
  • Integral stabilisers require no adjustment prior to use
  • Tough design to withstand the rigors of site use

New for 2008 is the P2000 with platform heights of 1.75m and 2m

Name P1500
Folded Size mtr 0.781 x 1.904 x 2.461
Platform size mtr 0.500 x 0.600
Platform ht mtr 1.210/1.440
Max safe W/H mtr 3.440
Duty rating Kg/Stone 150/23.62



The magic podium platform

Magic Podium PlatformThe magic platform incorporates many new features which are the result of the close collabration with several of the top UK construction companies and extensive site trials. The magic platform is portable, easy to move around due to the wheels fitted to the back legs, and folds flat to pass through standard single doorways. Other features include

  • Integral self locking stabilisers, retracted for working against walls
  • 1500mm high alloy toeboard
  • 600mm x 600mm solid alloy platform with anti-slip textured surface
  • Full guardrail and knee rail
  • Entrance closure chains
Product Code Platform Height
CMP004 0.91 (3'0")
CMP005 1.14 (3'9")
CMP006 1.36 (4'6")
CMP007 1.60 (5'3")
CMP008 1.84 (6'0")
CMP009 2.08 (6'9")
CMP010 2.32 (7'6")


Adjustable Magic Podium Platform

1 Patform, 3 HeightsDesigned specifically to meet all the requirements of the Working at Height Regulations 2005, the Adjustable Magic Platform combines all the latest features to provide a safe, convenient, flexible and highly portable one man working platform.

  • Easily transported on large diameter wheels through most standard doorways
  • Assembled in seconds
  • Integral locking stabilisers, can be adjusted to allow working against a wall
  • Well proven and reliable height adjustment with a 3.6m working height
  • Large platform area with toeboards
  • Self closing gate for safety
  • Full guardrail allows 360' working

The adjustable magic platform* is available in two model sizes - Standard, (1.08m - 1.60m), and Large, (1.60m - 2.15m). The special extension legs for each model can also be purchased seperately and changed to suit the exact job requirements.

1 Platform, 3 Heights

Magic Podium Platform

Code Height (m) Closed Dimensions (m) Platform size (m)
AMP 1.08 - 1.60 2.46 x 0.76 x 0.49 0.60 x 0.525
AMPL 1.60 - 2.15 3.02 x 0.76 x 0.49 0.60 x 0.525
AMP029 Extension Legs - Standard Size - Front
AMP030 Extension Legs - Standard Size - Rear including stabilisers
AMP031 Extension Legs - Large Size - Front
AMP032 Extension Legs - Large Size - Rear including stabilisers



Trade Podium Steps

Trade Podium Steps

  • Safer low-level working
  • Fully enclosed working zone
  • Adjustable platform
  • Double optional outriggers for added stability
  • Anti-slip work platform
  • Folds for transport and fits through doors and corridors
  • Tip 'n' push wheels
Platform height 0.78m 1.02m
Overall height 2.01m 2.14m
Width 0.73m 0.73m
Weight 27Kg 29kg

Podium Adjustable Height Access Platform (P1000)

P1000 Access PlatformThe new P1000 folds flat in an upright stable position and provides a safe working height of almost three metres.

  • Only two seperate components provides easy and fast assembly
  • Self latching gate for added safety and security while working
  • Heavy duty staircase for frequent use
  • 4 braked castors for rigidity when in use
  • Castors are bolted to unit for a firm fixed connection
  • Integral stabilisers require no adjustment prior to use
  • Tough box section design to withstand the riggers of site use
Folded size mtr 0.520 x 1.300 x 1.960
Platform size mtr 0.500 x 0.600
Platform ht mtr 0.710/0.940
Max safe W/H mtr 2.940

Youngman Scaffolding Towers - Podium Fixed Height Access Platform (Minit)

Minit Access PlatformYoungman'cs Minit provides a safe, secure and stable working platform when working at low levels for prolonged periods of time. It is ideal for trade use

  • Easy to transport in a hatchback car or small van
  • Easy one piece construction, eliminating parts lost
  • Allows self assembly in seconds with just three movements
  • Allows easy access to the platform
  • Passes through a standard doorway saving unnecessary reassembly
  • Weighing only 25Kg the Minit can be carried by just one person
Max safe W/H mtr 3.00

Podium Adjustable Height Access Platform (Adjusta-Minit)

Adjustable Height Access PlatformThe Adjusta-Minit provides a safe, secure and stable working platform that is adjustable to give four different working heights. The Adjusta-Minit is ideal as a versatile trade quality tool.

  • Easy to transport in a hatchback car or small van
  • Easy one piece construction, eliminating parts lost
  • Allows self assembly in seconds
  • Allows easy access to the platform
  • Passes through a standard doorway saving unnecessary reassembly
Max safe W/H mtr 3.250

Titan 'Profort' Podium Steps

Titan Profort Safety StepsStrongly made in aluminium these steps are designed for the professional trade user where safety is of the utmost importance.

  • Large work platform with built-in toe board - 384 x 497mm
  • Stabilisers fitted for stability and safety
  • Folds flat for storage and fitted with wheels for easy movement between jobs
  • Safety wire fitted as required by HSE
  • Duty rating 150Kg (tested to 260Kg)

Sherpa Podium Steps

Sherpa Safety Steps

High quality aluminium safety steps with more built in safety features than any step system on the market.

  • Multi-height adjustment
  • Safety guardrail on all sides
  • Folding / adjustable stabilisers
  • Solid work platform with toe board
  • Wheels fitted for mobility
  • Folds for ease of handling and transportation
  • Made to French standard PIR NFP 93 352
  • Unique design allows on stairs and uneven ground
  • Available in 2 multi-functional sizes


Code Folded Height /
Platform Heights /
Working Heights
Tread Sizes
SH238M 2.38m / 30Kg 1.06m to 1.52m /
2.96m to 3.42m
4 to 6
SH313M 3.13m / 36Kg 1.77m to 2.23m /
3.67m - 4.13m
7 to 9


Eactly the same high specifications as for the Sherpa Telescopic without adjustable front and back legs. Working platform42cm x 60cm

Code Folded Height /
Platform Heights /
Working Heights
Tread Sizes
SH191M 1.91m / 19Kg 0.72m / 2.62m 3
SH241M 2.41m / 24Kg 1.20m / 3.10m 5
SH291M 2.91m / 28Kg 1.65m / 3.55m 7

This product has been withdrawn from the market, sorry.

Pak-Flat Podium Steps

Pak-Flat Podium Steps

  • Lightweight and robust low-level flat pack work platform
  • 2 Platform heights
  • Simple to assemble / quick to erect
  • Easy to store and manoeuvre
  • Fits through standard doorways
  • No detachable parts
Lower Level Upper Level Platform Area Max Assembled Collapsed Size Handrail Height Product Weight
0.5m 0.75m 0.55 x 0.55m 0.68 x 1.19
x 1.81m
0.68 x 0.48
x 1.81m
1.7m from
0.7m 0.95m 0.6 x 0.6m 0.73 x 1.4
x 2.1m
0.73 x 0.48
x 2.1m
1.9m from

The Zap Podium Platform

Podium Platform Zap Podium Steps

Zap with two hands free

The Zap Access Platform is designed to provide two-hands-free access for jobs requiring greater mobility for those working at height. With its telescopic adjustment and ease of manoeuvre, the Zap range provides comfortable working access which has the versitility of a stepladder but the safety of a mobiile scaffold.

Conforming to EN131 even without their outriggers deplyed, Zap aluminium platforms provide a secure working platform up to 2.4m high, with a maximum working height of approximately 4.3metres. With outriggers in operation, they meet the requirements of BGI 637. Telescopic height adjustment is standard across the range.

  • Large platform and tool tray
  • Guardrails with safety rope
  • easy to move on 2 wheels
  • compact when folded
  • EN131 150 Kilo Rating
Model Number 41.326 41.327
Platform Height m 1.00/1.30/1.60/
Working Height (up to approx) ca. m 3.80 4.30
Height incl. guardrails m 2.86 3.38
Footprint with outriggers extended L x B in m 1.90 x 2.25 2.30 x 2.55
Footprint with outriggers closed L x B in m 1.91 x 0.81 2.30 x 0.81
Dimensions closed 2.44 x 0.81 x 0.39 2.72 x 0.81 x 0.39
Number of rungs, incl. platform 4 - 7 5 - 9
Weight Kg 35.0 38.5

Impact Protection System

Impact Protection System Logos

No-Nocss an innovative protection system designed to reduce impact and scuffing damage to all categories of finished surfaces.

Manufactured from a closed cell fire retardent material designed to meet building industy standards, No-Nocs is compatable with a range of equipment including low level access, aluminium towers, mobile elevated platforms and system scaffold providing protection for plaster work, fixtures, fittings, paint work and operators alike.

Unique in concept, design and performance, No-Nocs can save contractors thousands of pounds on rework or claims.

No-Nocs Protection System

Product BenefitsInclude:

  • Safeguard against impact damage
  • Cost effective
  • Easy Installation
  • Reduce risk of accidental injury

No-Nocs can be applied to a variety of equipment:

  • Aluminium Towers
  • Low Level Access
  • Scaffolding Systems
  • Mobile Elevated Work Platforms

Available in four standard sizes that are compatable with all fram structures, No-Nocs Can be used in numerous conditions:

  • On low level access equipment to minimise scuffing on newly finished surfaces
  • On aluminium towers to protect finished walling
  • On mobile elevated work platforms to reduce impact damage
  • To protect personnel

This product has been withdrawn from the market, sorry.


Low Level Adjustable Platform

  • A versatile working platform, with dual heights of 600mm and 1000mm, sufficient for a wide variety of installation and maintenance requirements.
  • Manageable, weighing in at 24kg, within the HSE requirements for manual handling.
  • Easy to erect and pack away: no loose components to be lost or left behind.
  • Designed to meet performance requirements of BS2037 class 1, with a maximum load of 175kg.
  • Compact folding construction. With closed dimensions of 1200x650x340mm: able to be carried in any small van.


The ultimate telescopic platform ladder


Technical specification:

Teleguard 4-6 Rung

  • order cord: 316515
  • closed dimensions
  • lenght: 2.4m
  • width: 0.72
  • depth: 0.48
  • Number of sections: 4
  • Number of rungs per section: 4
  • Duty rating: 110kg/17.3st
  • Maximum static load;150kg/23.6st
  • Number of height adjustments: 2 (in flat slab and stairway mode)
  • safe working height: 3.08m - 3.63m
  • weight: 37kg


  • order cord: 317515
  • closed dimensions
  • lenght: 3.25
  • width: 0.72
  • depth:0.48
  • Number of sections: 4
  • Number of rungs per section: 7
  • Duty rating: 110kg/17.3st
  • Maximum static load;150kg/23.6st
  • Number of height adjustments: 2 (in flat slab and stairway mode)
  • safe working height: 3.9m - 4.45m
  • weight: 49.5kg

Podium Workmaster

Podium Workmaster

  • Ladders are BS-EN131 with a 150Kg safe working load
  • Free standing
  • Platform 500 x 600mm with hand rails, gates and chains
  • Lightweight, stable and very strong
  • Folds flat for storage and transportation
  • Adjustable fold-away stabilisers with a leveller on each corner for un-even ground
  • Rung locks
  • LadderTrak and angle indicator
  • 270 degree toe boards
  • One man operation
  • Three year guarantee
  • Can be used on stairs